Media, Games, and Community: How Can These Be Used for Disaster Prevention and Recovery?

Study Tour 2014/2015 in Thailand

Now in Thailand, the HANDs! fellows begin the 2nd study tour by focusing on “Media, Games, and Community” and how they can be used for disaster prevention and recovery.

The third destination of study tour was Thailand.

The HANDs! Fellows visited Thai PBS public television station to learn about the role of media in disaster prevention and also to gain knowledge on how media reports about disasters.

Fellows then had a chance to know more about a tool of disaster prevention education called “gamification.” Gamification attracts children and makes it easier for them to understand concepts in disaster prevention. HANDs! Fellows received a lot of inspiration on creating innovative action plans from the gamification workshop.

Fellows learned about community empowerment for disaster risk reduction through social activities with Dong Larn Community and elementary school in Doi Chang. They also learned about the role of religion in post-disaster period by having a dialogue with Venerable Phra Maha Vudhijaya, a prominent young Buddhist monk in Cherntawan International Meditation Center.

Lastly, the Fellows spent their last day in Thailand discussing their Action Plan proposals after all the site visits, implementing many ideas gained throughout the journey.