Recently, I’ve had too many projects and new ideas at Handshakin’. Additionally, I’ve been pretty busy outside of work with friends, happy hours, intro meetings, and coffees. And I’ll admit it… the occasional Netflix binge.

Sometimes I wonder what’s worth it and what’s not.

So for September, I’m updating my schedule link to have paid prices. If you want to ‘pick my brain’ or ‘connect since we’re both into startups’ it’s going to cost you now.

Yes, I’m a big believer of ‘giving first’ and ‘paying it forward’ because that’s how I’ve grown my network. I interviewed people on the Handshakin Video Series, including billionaires and members of congress, and the ones that liked what I was up to are now just a text away, and yes we talk regularly.

But, many of them are better mentors than customers, or maybe making others pay for meeting with me, I’ll have more time to reach out and reconnect with Jeff Hoffman, David Cohen, or Brad Feld. Those are the guys I really look up to, especially considering how strong their personal brands are.

Anyway, this about concludes my post.

I’m going to edit this post again after September to let you know how it went. In the meantime, you can see my prices at, and no this is not a promotion.

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