Alright, for everyone who thinks is about improving your actual handshake, this piece is for you.

And if that’s what you thought, we are actually about helping you meet and connect with more customers online. And yes, many of our customers have improved their in person handshake after working with us ;)

Did you know that the handshake is believed by some to have actually stemmed as a motion of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no tool?

A History and What It is:

A handshake is a short routine where two people grasp among each various other’s hands, in a lot of cases come with by a short up-and-down motion of the understood hands. I vote for 2 ‘shakes,’ or maybe a third, but after that it gets weird.

Utilizing the right-hand man is usually taken into consideration appropriate rules. There’s also lots of cultures around the world that look at handshakes differently.

Various societies may not prefer handshakes. Being born in New Mexico, I can say the latino culture down there prefers a hug and cheek kiss, even with strangers. Maybe pivoting my personal brand from “Handshakin Holmes’ to ‘Huggable Holmes’ would appeal more to that market.

Archaeological ruins and old texts reveal that handshaking used to actually be referred to as dexiosis? Lol can someone teach me how to pronounce that? I’ll give you some free swag.

A representation of 2 soldiers drinking hands can be discovered on component of a 5th-century BC funerary stele on display screen in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. This stuff is legit and goes way back!

Best times to handshake?

The handshake is commonly done after conference, welcoming, parting, supplying congratulations, revealing gratefulness, or finishing an arrangement.

In sports or other affordable activities, it is additionally done as a sign of excellent gamesmanship. Although I’m more of ‘High-fiving Holmes” after a good game a flag football or tennis.

Handshake Agreement”

If it is done to form an agreement, the contract is not main until the hands are split. Often times you’d hear about the value of a ‘handshake deal,’ where parties agree to something and the handshake ‘closes’ the deal. However, with technology and the prevalence of more online conversations, it’s easier to just send an email with a few bullet points and that’s easier to reference later if you have an awful memory like I do.

Unless wellness issues or local custom-mades determine otherwise, usually a handshake is made with bare hands.

More fun facts on how cultures shake hands:

1. In informal non-business situations, men are more probable to shake hands compared to women.

2. In The Netherlands and Belgium, handshakes are done regularly professionally at meetings.

3. In Switzerland, it is expected to shake the ladies’s hands initially.

4. In Russia, a handshakes are performed by males and seldom by women.

5. In some countries such as Turkey or the Arabic-speaking Center East, handshakes are not as firm as in the West. Handshaking in between guys and women is not as popular in the Arabic nations.

6. Moroccans also offer one kiss on each cheek (to corresponding sexes) together with the handshake.

7. In China, people shaking hands will typically usually hang on to every other’s hands for an extended duration after the initial handshake.

8. In Japan, it is suitable to allow the host of a meeting to initiate the handshake.

9. The ‘hand hug’ is a sort of handshake popular with politicians, as it could present them as being warm, friendly, trustworthy and also truthful. This sort of handshake entails covering the clenched hands with the continuing to be freedom, developing a kind of ‘cocoon’. Very comfortable, very very comfortable.

10. This one is really interesting: in some locations of Africa, handshakes are held during the conversation between the two people who are chatting. If they are shaking hands, others are allowed to enter the conversation.

11. In Denver, Colorado, two entrepreneurs broke the world record for the world’s longest handshake. They were awake 50 hours total, and the record came it at exactly 43.5 hours, breaking the previous record of 42.5 hours. And yes, I was one of the handshakers. Read more about that here.

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