Three Handsome Things MonkeyApp Got Right. 

1. Created a new marketplace.

While the parking situation in Austin might not be as bad as it sounds in San Francisco, it seems to be headed that direction. Hopefully, Austin will never need to get to this point, but MonkeyApp seems to be providing a service and solution to a growing problem in San Francisco. The city is claiming the company is trying to sell public parking, while MonkeyApp claims they are simply selling information; smart move around the regulators.

2. Chose a Good Name.

The name invokes the silliness of driving around waiting for a parking space. It also implies the game that is to be played in order to beat everyone else to the spot. It’s a great name for the digital experience they are providing.

3. Launched with a Single Platform.

Often times, it’s a good idea to introduce a new concept like this on a single platform. In this case, they chose iOS; the only drawback is if Apple decides to pull the application, then they are stuck without a solution to provide their customers. In this case, a mobile Web solution might have been a good first choice to avoid the mercy of Apple.

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