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Handy Labs x Ludena Protocol Partnership

We announce that Handy Labs and Ludena Protocol made a partnership!

Ludena Protocol is a GameFi social platform letting various blockchain games onboarded and provide rewards through the related activities. It said that they will expand its business for blockchain game guild through ‘Game TalkTalk’ with more than 3 million users. Also, its own published P2E strategic game ‘Kanimal Clash’ will be launched soon. Kanimal Clash is a battle game that you compete with others through NFT characters. Many expect the game since it’s Ludena Protocol’s first publishing game.

Handy Labs is a company that develops and operates blockchain-based services. It developed and operates ‘HandyPick’ a forecasting platform that anyone can forecast the cryptocurrency prices and earn rewards, and ‘King of Planets’ which you can earn through various contents utilizing NFT.

HandyPick currently has more than 3.5 million users and plans to update to HandyPick 2.0 adding more contents utilizing NFT.

King of Planets is a blockchain-based service utilizing Alien NFT. Users can enjoy various contents such as Farming, NFT enforcement, and so on. It will have a Battle Arena update soon .

Handy and Ludena Protocol plans to make a more efficient blockchain game ecosystem with sharing each other’s communities, cross marketing and more through the partnership.

Handy Labs CEO, Kim said, “Handy Labs and Ludena Protocol expect to have a great synergy since both have the same goal to develop blockchain game ecosystem with game onboarding, community share, and more. We will try our best to expand Handy’s ecosystem.”



Handy is a blockchain-based game platform where users can enjoy various services leading trends in blockchain industry. HandyPick is a prediction game service that you can play to earn Handy tokens.

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Handy Project

Handy provides games with various services leading trends in blockchain industry over just enjoying games on blockchain.