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HandyPick Game Guideline

HandyPick is a fun and exciting prediction game platform that anyone can enjoy.

By two different game pools, Coffee and Paycheck, users can receive a great amount of Handy.

Handy Application (Android)

Handy Application (iOS)

Game Play

Click ‘PLAY’ to participate in the prediction game.
Users can play a game in each category.

* Coffee Pool: Available four times a day

* Paycheck Pool: Available once a day

Predict each digital asset’s price, and click either ‘Long’ or ‘Short’.

After you complete answering all the questions, please click ‘Submit.’

To submit your prediction result, you have to watch the whole advertisement.
Also, you are not able to change or re-submit your predictions once you have already submitted them.


Click the icon in the red box to view the Statistics.

You can view current, weekly, and monthly Top 100 users and their hit rates.

Winner History

You can view all the winners’ history with details.

My History

You can check the accumulated game rewards, how many games you have participated in, and your success rate for each game pool.


If you have further questions regarding ‘HandyPick,’ please join Handy Community! Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Website: https://handypick.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HandyProject

Telegram: https://t.me/HandyOfficialGroup



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Handy Project

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