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HandyPick Guideline (Kaikas wallet)

HandyPick Application (Android)

Handy Application (iOS)

● When withdrawing from HandyPick, you can send $Handy to

1) ‘Kaikas wallet’ or 2) ‘Metamask wallet.’

Between two options, sending tokens to Kaikas costs fewer transaction fees. [Only 1Handy]

The following shows how to withdraw to Kaikas wallet.

“What you need:”

= Kaikas wallet, 1 $KLAY as a transaction fee, $kHandy

“Kaikas Download Link”

“Important Notes for using Kaikas Wallet”

-You will see the Kaikas wallet installed on the upper right side of the browser.

- You MUST save a seed phrase(consisting of 12 words) somewhere safe. It is the only way to restore your wallet when it is lost.

“Adding $oHandy and $Klay to your Kaikas wallet”

* Click ‘Token List’

* Click ‘Add Token’

*Click ‘Custom Token’

* After clicking, register the following addresses to add $kHandy and $Klay.

oHandy: 0x3f34671fba493ab39fbf4ecac2943ee62b654a88

Klay: 0x889861bb01936e2e27909d72676514643e488447

Setting Kaikas is now completed.

“kHANDY is changed to oHANDY”

If you want to swap $oHandy to $Klay via Klayswap, you need to have some $Klay in your Kaikas wallet as a transaction fee.

“Requesting Withdrawal from HandyPick”

* If you want to withdraw from HandyPick to Kaikas Wallet, click the red box and copy the address. Paste it on the ‘Receiving Address’ shown on the HandyPick application.

“Check received oHandy in your Kaikas wallet”

* HandyPick withdrawal proceeds every week on Thursday. After the process is completed, you will be able to view oHandy on Kaikas.

“Swap the oHandy to Klay through Klayswap”

* Click ‘Swap’

(This process is to convert oHandy to Klay and send Klay to exchange.)

*Click ‘Klayswap’ and then click ‘Select.’

After that, you will be moved to Klayswap.

“How to use Klayswap”

From: Type the amount you wish to swap oHandy.

To: After you type the amount below ‘From,’ the number will be automatically set. Make sure you are swapping oHandy with Klay.

2) After all, click ‘Swap.’

3) Click ‘Swap’ once again

Click ‘Confirm’ to swap oHandy to Klay.

“Withdraw Klay from Kaikas”

* Click ‘Send’

(This process is about how to withdraw Klay to exchange.)

1) To (Type a ‘Klay’ deposit address of an exchange where Klay is listed)

2) Token (Klay)

3) Type the amount of Klay you wish to withdraw

4) Click ‘Proceed’

After this process, your Klay is successfully sent.

“Exchanges where Klay is listed”

Where Klay is listed:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to join the Handy Global Community!

Thank you.



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