The “On-Demand” Simplicity of Drones is Winning Enterprises over in Construction

Hangar Technology
Apr 16, 2019 · 3 min read
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Why are Uber and Lyft so successful? What is it about Amazon Prime that we can’t easily live without? Why do we prefer streaming services like Netflix or Hulu?

It’s because they’re all available on-demand.

These services make our lives simple and convenient. I don’t have to know how the Uber driver is queued to provide a ride the minute I decide to leave, what Amazon automation went into warehouse logistics to have a box waiting at my doorstep hours later, or hop into my car to rent an available DVD from a RedBox outside the closest McDonalds. In today’s on-demand economy, if I want a good or service, it’s provided instantly and effortlessly.

So why then is it so difficult to use drones on construction sites? Why do you have to even think about airspace, software, certified operators, image processing and a hundred other decisions? Why can’t you simply request what you want captured, when and how often, and then insights would magically start showing up without you thinking about how they got there?

Good news. It is that easy.

Hangar’s is gaining traction among enterprises for its ability to provide simple, on-demand access to drone-based insights. JobSight was created to solve for the difficulties of acquiring drone-based insights, by automating the entire process down to one easy command. Customers identify what sites they would like captured, when captures should take place, and how often the capture output should appear within the JobSight viewer. Hangar software will handle the logistics of dispatching pilots, collecting data and processing the information into a useful format. In Q1 alone, enterprises including Andres Construction, Streetlights, and KWA have already adopted Hangar into their portfolio-wide operations and workflows, to serve as their enterprise drone software solution of choice.

“Signing up for the Hangar Enterprise Account was a no brainer for us, it gives us access to the World View, from there we can see all of our projects, active and past in one dashboard. It also keeps our aerial documentation consistent across all projects which allows everyone in the company to easily look into each project and not have to relearn a new program or file structure,” says Montgomery Self, Training & Technology Manager at Streetlights Residential. “Using Hangar takes one more thing off our plate for the life of the project by allowing us to create a capture schedule whether it’s for one year, or three years, knowing we will get consistent photos for the entire duration, and any additional captures within a 48 hour notice if necessary.”

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JobSight reliably captures project data consistently and accurately, giving enterprises the same data, captured the same way, across all their sites. Customers are seeing an ROI in key areas like safety, QA/QC, progress documentation, productivity, dispute avoidance and claims resolution.

“We decided to do a multi year enterprise deal because we didn’t want to leave it up to the individual projects to decide if there is value in consistent capture,” said John Andres, Operations Technology Manager at Andres Construction. “There is value in knowing that every project is being documented consistently.”

Highlights of JobSight include:

  • Request & Receive: No logistics of mission planning, certified operators, airspace approvals, data processing and analysis or storage. JobSight automated the end-to-end process down to on-demand simplicity.
  • Feature-Ready: JobSight includes the features you’ve come to expect, like snapshots and sharing, measurement tools, 3D models, software plug-ins and more.
  • Consistent Captures: Hangar’s industry-leading autonomous flight software ensures flawless execution to provide repeatable complex missions and faster surveys, with less uncertainty.
  • Complete Portfolio Visibility: JobSight captures and stores an intuitive historical timeline of your project, from the first date of capture until project completion.

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