Carressa Ruffle Dress

Fashion Flow: Elizabeth and James Spring 2017 Collection

Elizabeth and James was created in 2007 by the famous twin actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. According to the brand’s website their clothing, “gives women the opportunity to define their own style, embodying an effortless approach to dressing with a playful and feminine sensibility.” The Spring 2017 Collection contains a lot of loose-fitting fashion, often in white (or off-white), blue, and purple.

Jay Stripe Shirtdress

Honestly, I can’t get enough of this collection. I’ve already worn four dresses from this season. I wore the Jay Stripe Shirtdress for a photoshoot and it was very well received. In the past I have only worn a few shirtdresses, but now I think I’ll have to wear them more often. The Jay Stripe Shirtdress photographed well and was comfortable. My only critique is that I wish it were more fitted, but given the style, it makes sense that it was very loose and baggy.

White Susannah Dress

On the opposite side of the fitted spectrum is the White Susannah Dress. This dress is very sleek. It’s bright white, has a full body zipper down the front, and is very form-fitting. This is the type of dress that would look very different depending on a person’s body shape. If you’re skinny like an Olsen Twin, this is a great look. However, you’re self-conscious about any part of your body, don’t expect this dress to help hide anything.

The Carressa Ruffle Dress (featured at top) is likely my favorite from what I’ve worn in this collection. I loved how the dress flowed and I felt very pretty in it. The outfit was very comfortable. While I only wore it for a photoshoot, I could see myself wearing it at a variety of social events.

Clay Cynthia Dress

Another flowy dress from the collection is the Clay Cynthia dress. I adore wearing red and loved the femininity of this look. The color really popped for a photoshoot. Being very comfortable, I also wore this dress out one night when friends were in town. It didn’t feel right as a dress for night, but I would definitely wear it again for events during the day.

Overall, I’m a big fan of this collection. Even though I tend to like more fitted clothing and the majority of the Elizabeth and James collection is a looser fit, I enjoy how these looks flow. If you enjoy looks that are feminine and flowy, I recommend checking out the rest of the collection. If you like more fitted clothing and are hoping for every look to have a bright pop of color, this season’s collection might not be for you.

What fashion brands are you loving this season?

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