Snails Mucus Makes Me Beautiful:

I never expected this to be part of my skincare routine

Recently I posted a #nomakeup and #nofilter selfie on my instagram account and received a lot of compliments about having clear skin. Now, I want to share with you an interesting part of my skincare routine. I rub snail mucus on my face. Let’s rewind a bit.

When I told my boyfriend about a skincare conversation I had with @barbaratysell, he mentioned seeing something online about how snail mucus can help prevent wrinkles. I went into research mode. This is actually a pretty popular ingredient in Korean skincare products. Listicles and baseless magazine articles naming it as useful wouldn’t convince me. But when I saw studies such as this and this, I became more curious. Scientific research can be dense and difficult to understand, but I found an article that talked about some of the studies using easy to understand language. This claim sparked my interest the most, “scientists reveal that if this natural serum is applied through skin products twice daily for two to three months, this can result in a clear improvement of clinical and histopathological photoaging signs and skin rejuvenation.”

Muah! Me & my snail cream

After checking what scientists say, I moved onto Amazon to see if there was anecdotal evidence from consumers. The Mizon Black Snail Cream caught my eye. I saw comments in the reviews such as, “Fine lines are disappearing, pores are less noticeable…My biggest takeaway was the lessened redness, and the change in the texture of my skin.” There were enough positive reviews (that sounded true and not bought) that I decided to try it.

Every claim that reviewers said didn’t ring true for me. Some had mentioned they use snail cream as their sole moisturizer and I didn’t find that possible for me. Granted, I live in a very dry environment, but regardless don’t expect this to be the panacea of skincare. Because I use this in conjunction with another product to prevent and eliminate wrinkles, it’s difficult for me to determine if it helps with that. But it has definitely helped my skin look clear, bright, and healthy. My biggest hurdle was getting over the fact that I’m rubbing snail mucus on my face, which sounds less appealing than products mentioning flowers and food extracts. At this point, as long as it keeps my skin glowing, I don’t care at all.

What lengths do you go through to keep your skin beautiful?

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