Our Summer Story Stops!

We have had a busy summer gathering Happenstance stories for the launch of our River North test pilot this fall! We still have plenty of work to do and know that our October goal is still a little far off. So, to satisfy your growing eagerness, here’s a quick roundup of our story spots so far!

Poetry Foundation: The foundation’s library is the only poetry library in the Midwest and holds more than 30,000 volumes.

The Mirage: Now known as the Brehon Pub, The Mirage was a fake tavern set up by the Chicago Sun-Times in the late 1970s to confirm widespread claims that city inspectors were accepting bribes.

The Boarding House: Its owner and master sommelier, Alpana Singh, holds the title of youngest woman to pass the final level of the Master Sommelier exam.

Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap: This restaurant is home to the “XXX” wings, which have garnered international attention.

Remember, our test pilot stories will only be available to beta testers. If you’re interested in hearing our Haps and giving feedback, send us a note to get on our list!