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‘God Is A Freak’ Is the Song that Religious Trauma Survivors Have Been Waiting For

“So why would I spend my eternity with God when he’s a freak?”

Album art for ‘God Is A Freak’ — Image property of UMG via beatsource.com

Peach PRC is an Australian pop singer, songwriter and Tik Tok star who recently came out as a lesbian.

Not only do I love her all pink aesthetic, but I’m obsessed with her bold new anti-religious…




Happily Faithless is a publication exploring agnosticism, atheism, and alternative understandings of a god or gods. Its goal is to remove any stigma associated with not participating in organized or mainstream religion.

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Kitty Williams

Kitty Williams

daydreamer, night thinker, feminist, exvangelical, book worm, dog lover, cat worshipper, aspiring witch, star gazer, tree hugger, into healing and self-love

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