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Happily Faithless

I Killed Myself…

…But It was worth it…

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That is to say it was worth it for the chance opportunity to taste a little heaven on Earth, given how dull and empty life has been recently. And thank dog almighty…

The weather where I live decided it wanted to creep into the 90s today, and since it rained recently there was a bit of humidity about. As such, the grass was (way) overdue for a trim. Normally I’d start…




Happily Faithless is a publication exploring agnosticism, atheism, and alternative understandings of a god or gods. Its goal is to remove any stigma associated with not participating in organized or mainstream religion.

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Darht Bjehl

Darht Bjehl

I’m here to publish, read the work of a few good writers and occasionally offer competent critique in select circumstances. I’m not here to socialize.

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