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Daus Gonia
Aug 27, 2015 · 5 min read

Aside from being a banana tree and a bus driver, I was once had a dream of becoming a vocalist of a band. I do love music, I love to sing, I love the way them musicians have their own way to express something through their music. If somebody asked me what would be the most magical thing in the world, I’d answer it right away: music.

Yet we can’t always get what we wanted, right? Right? There were times where I tried singing on the karaoke room and there isn’t any notes coming out of me which in pitch with the melodies of the songs. I tried to upload my own voices on SoundCloud and I got so many pity responses coming from all of you. So I decided to say goodbye to that dream of forgoing a solo career in music industry.

Then I also tried to do a collaborative project with some friends, and we made this group called The AATS (The Acak-Acak Tong Sampah) — Musicians Who’s Currently Having a High Blood Pressure (Musisi Yang Sedang Naik Darah). Our tagline was “Instead of Hoping, We Better Rapping” (Daripada Ngarep Mendingan Ngerap). And with that far-from-serious motive, we published our music on SoundCloud. The weird things is that some people (much more than I expected) listened to The AATS’ songs.

The AATS, despite the lack of musical identity and a seriousness, is also endorsed by a local clothing brand (Invictus), and the merchandises also has been publicly sold across nation. One moment that made me utterly shocked was when I accidentally met a stranger wearing The AATS’ t-shirt in Surabaya. At that time, I didn’t know whether I should feel happy or embarrassed. Musicians Who’s Currently Having a High Blood Pressure have fans! :’)

Aside from The AATS, me with another friend of mine, Bravo Dahono, also made two songs called “Putus” (Break-up), and “Semesta Kita” (Our Universe), which of course he was the one who sing and I was just being the song writer.

The songs are ordinary, I even almost forgot that we once made the songs, until one time someone mentioned me on Twitter and said that he listens to the song almost every day! And what makes the song became more special for me was when someone said he named his son ‘Semesta’ after listening to our song.

Yet, still, singing is not for me. Even after that.

Until one day, one morning to be precise, I saw my baby boy, Akar Ar Sakha Gonia, and realised that he is the boy who can make me do anything for the sake of his happiness. And then I suddenly had this urge to make him a song.

After a bunch of discussion with Bunga Istyani, the one whom her writing draft I wanted to turn into song lyrics, I asked Inmotion’s Sound Designer, Ricky Cahyadi, who was currently needing a distraction from his deadline at work, to help me create the song. He agreed to lend me his hand in the making of this song. We called this song “03:00 AM Project”

Few hours later, the very first composition has been made. And for the sake of the listeners, I still didn’t want to become the singer. So I trapped my other two friends, Kresna & Bahtiar, to come to the office, and also joining their forces in this 03:00 AM Project. Some other friends of mine were also there and participate. We all agreed that this project must be done before 3 AM in the morning.

In the process of making the song, there were many conversation arose.

“Whoa, so many people participated in the project, hm?” I said, unbelieving the unexpected truth before my eyes

“Wait, ‘participated’?! You mean so many people you burdened in this project, dude!” they replied, jokingly

And so we were all laughing out loud.

I wasn’t really sure why, but they all agreed that I am the one who’s supposed to sing in that exact song. I am sure, though, there were all just wanting to make fun of me.

After few times of vocal takes, they nearly gave up on me. At that moment I experienced the feeling of doing something I am clearly not good at, while receiving a lot of pressures and mocks from all those friends, THOSE MOTHERBROTHERSS!!!

We didn’t finish it right before 3 AM, unfortunately. It was done by 4 in the morning. But yes, it was, finally, done.

I love to explore new things, including the process of making this song. And by agreeing to sing this song, I am ready to take all the risks. I mean, I pity myself when listen to my own voice, let alone other listeners.

Despite everything that happened, that night I realised that my MOFO friends were all there for me, just to lend their hands for this project. It really means a lot to me, and it also puts more meanings into this song.

So yeah, this is a song for my kid, Akar. Recorded with my own voices, through all the very stormy-yet-fun process. Come and join me singing the song, will you? So that I don’t sound that crappy :’)

03:00 AM

Let’s wish for a lifetime
Let’s hope for a time and understanding will come

Even when you are lost for words
When you are lost for words now Baby don’t you cry

You are my 3 A.M. thoughts. You’re my sweet dreams and my nightmares

I don’t know what’s in your mind

It is okay to not know and it is okay not to feel okay.

‘Cause no matter how rough the waves get, it never seems too loud, or too wild.

And no matter how tough the road ahead, don’t be afraid for you’re not alone

You are home

Let’s make this 03:00 AM Project a song to sing together to. Below is the instrumental version of the song (without my voice in it), for anyone who wants to cover the song

Also here’s the cover version of the song, sung by my friend.

Bravo Dahono


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Happiness Artisans

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Happiness Artisans

Collection of thoughts and ideas from a Game Developer who knows no English, and a Brand Strategist who knows nothing about coding.