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2 min readAug 19, 2015


“Do you know why Mom prefer you to pay for my Umrah/Hajj trip rather than buying me a car? Because there are so many car rentals out there. But there’s no umrah-rental.” — a short conversation between me and my mother once upon a night.

Time flies.

I met many people with various background and life journey, also their own level of achievements and level of happiness. This crossed my mind, something about ‘Experience VS Things.’
Just, you know, read along.

Some people with money prefer to buy things, cars, hi-end gadgets, houses, and other stuffs. Some, meanwhile, prefer to go on an adventure and experience new things such as traveling, culinary trips, tasting coffees in different places, and flying around the world.

Everyone has their own reason and priorities, of course. But if I has to choose between experience and things, I’d 100 times choose experience over the later one. Maybe that was also the reason why Inmoto.in, one of the product I happen to manage, has its tagline: “Collect moments, not things.”

I remember few times ago, when I was with a friend of mine inside his expensive car. Driving with him was a very worrisome journey, you know, because his car is expensive and he worries a lot about it. He vented a lot about other drivers. I mean, so did I, but not as much as him. I didn’t curse on other people and every angkots and bajajs we encountered, like he did just because he was extremely afraid that they might scratch his expensive car. Also when we had to park the car, it took much a longer time to find a proper parking spot for his car because he thought something might happen to his car if he didn’t park in the very safe place.

And because I tend to speak whatever that comes to mind, I said it right away: “DUDE, YOU HAVE THIS EXPENSIVE CAR YET YOUR LIFE IS MORE MISERABLE!”

“HEY!” he answered and then we laughed and talked more about this issue. Not because I was jealous (well of course there is always possibility) for I too own a sport car (by sport I mean I often push my car on the street and it made me sweaty just like doing sport), and it wasn’t really my place to judge them, but if owning an expensive things makes you turn into a worrisome person, then why would you?

Quoting Morgan in his Walking Dead series: “Cause if you got something good, that just means that someone wants to take it. And that is what is happening, right?”

So If I had to choose between experience or things, I’d definitely choose experience.

This includes the experience of having an expensive car :)))

So, what would you choose, Experience, or Things?



Daus Gonia
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