Manufacturing Happiness

Daus Gonia
Aug 23, 2015 · 3 min read

Uber Taxi, Gojek, Grab Bike, Grab Taxi and some other business in transportation section today, in which I am really sure that there will be more coming in the near future. Aside from the controversies, there are a lot of good and heartwarming stories from them, especially when it comes to the drivers’ welfare.

I won’t talk about the business, money making system, or whatnots. I am sure there are a lot of you who already talked about it, and I bet your understanding about that is thousand times better than me. Hehe.

I am one of the regular customer of them, both Gojek and Uber, because they really help me in my daily routine. Before Gojek, to ride an ojek is so troublesome, not only that I had to bargain to decide the price, I also had to point out the ways to get me to my destination. This also happened when riding a Taxi. Those are exactly why I totally go for Gojek and Uber Taxi.

For you who experienced Gojek/Uber services, you must be well aware about the rating feature in the app, right? Not only giving 1–5 rating for the drivers, there is an option to give comments about the driver, in which this seems to be forgotten by many.

It all started just for fun. After using their services, I gave my rating and adding some short comments, such as: “The Driver is good”. Until then my comments get longer and longer and it becomes my habit.

Here are some of my comments that I captured.

Why do I bother to do that? Here’s the things. The first one is because I have time and thus I am able to do that. The second reason is because appreciation is something people tend to forgot, yet this simple thing could change one’s mood all day. The effort for me to do that is perhaps less than 2 minutes, yet it can put smiles on those drivers’ faces and give them extra energy to go through their day. Like a random act of kindness, just it is not so random for we know what they really do to help us.

I sometimes captured my comments for the drivers, and shared them on my social media accounts. Not to show off or something, ew no. I shared them just because I thought it is fun to do and if it makes my friend do the same then why not? Spend your two minutes for being honest, expressing gratitude, and appreciate what others do for you through short commentaries.

If you asked me “Do they even read the comments?”, I think I had to laugh it out. Because back when I started leaving comments, I don’t have the idea whether they would read it or not. But after asking few drivers about it, it appears that they are actually really reading the comments that we left for them.

Also because of this, some of you may wonder if I am one of Gojek/Uber’s marketing stunts. Nope, I wish, though. But no. I am purely doing it for fun and just want to manufacture happiness in a world full of grief.

I always believe that there are things that may look like they matter none for us, but they could be meaningful for others. If it’s not a big deal for us, that doesn’t mean it won’t matter for others, right? :)

Interested to spend your two minutes to manufacture a little happiness? #MariBahagiakanDriver.

And here are some of captures that my friends sent me. Thank you guys!

PS: Next -> Me and a good friend of mine will do a Gojek-Race in the near future :)))

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Happiness Artisans

Collection of thoughts and ideas from a Game Developer who knows no English, and a Brand Strategist who knows nothing about coding.