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Time Unfolds

I am a daydeamer. Or simply a dreamer, you may say. And most of the time, an optimist. Or more likely a sloppy one with so many dreams, and fantasies, and things I wanted to achieve.

I wanted to have a clothing brand, I wanted to make schools, I wanted to develop more games, I wanted to open a Coffee Shop, I wanted to help elevate the state of our nation’s economy by providing a proper education to Small Businesses about the use of technology and how to utilise social media, I wanted to support our country’s educational system continuously by lending my hands for the teachers and lecturers, and introduce them to future technologies.

I even wanted to create a Peci/Kopiah that would be able to automatically tweet every time I pray with it, so that I could trigger others to do the prayers as well.

Months before my wedding day, one of my close friend told me, “I actually miss the time where I were exactly like you, you know. Now all I want is anything but simple. I want to meet a woman of my life, get married, have kids, and create a happy family.

At that time, what he said didn’t make any sense to me. At all.

Days passed and right before I was about to get married, a friend whom also a person I look up to, told me that: “I really wish that after marriage, you’ll still be the person you are now. The Daus Gonia that we all knew.

Again, I wasn’t really grasp his meaning back then.

…And here it goes now. I am now a happily married guy, a father of a very cute little 1 year old son. And finally I have realised what were they saying back then.

Maybe if someone ask me right at this moment ‘what do you really want?’, I would simply give the same answer with what my friend said to me that day. I want no other than happiness upon my family, my wife, my son, and my friends. That is my top priority that no one else will take away from me.

But hey, I am so blessed I got the best family, and the very best wife that allows me to be whatever I want to be, creating whatever I want to create. How lucky I am, right?

So even my priority changes over time and maybe not like how it used to be, I really wish that I will forever still be able to create. Still be able to imagine.

So yeah, let’s never stop imagining. Let’s never stop dreaming and trying to make it happen. :)




Collection of thoughts and ideas from a Game Developer who knows no English, and a Brand Strategist who knows nothing about coding.

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Daus Gonia

So I heard you're a player? Oh.. relax. I'm a game developer. I create your game.

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