Nobody believes that I’m coming to Bali alone for Nyepi

Nobody believes that I’m coming to Bali alone for Nyepi (or, Bali’s day of silence). Nobody believes I’m chasing the silence. Nobody find that silence can be fun. Nobody trust me when I told them that I find it exciting. It’s still terrifying as hell for most people to be alone with their thought.

But as weird as an INFJ might be, I’m on the other side is looking forward it. I chase that silence. I crave for it. I’m excited to witness that once in a year experience of silence.

For me, there’s something about silence that I always want to get back to it. And it’s not merely because I’m an introvert. But because I feel that we all can benefits something from the silence.

But, what exactly is it? With so much social activities that Bali offer and especially since this is going to be the first time that I’m coming to Bali, why I still choose to come when it’s become a dead city? What excite me the most about the silence?

  • It bring us to clarity

When too many people speak in a room, we can’t really grasp the essence of the message. But silence, bring us to clarity. It’s like a funnel that lead us to clarity. To think without much interference. Without so much influence from the outside.

  • Ignite our inner voice

In this distracted world, we often can’t really tell what we’re actually feel or what we’re actually want. It can be merely because peer pressure, or because we’re too attached to the social norm. But to find the distinction, we need to propose a question to our own self.

Remember that quite night when your mind start to wander and you question yourself? When we are too busy to talk, we can’t really knew what we really want. Silence, give our inner voice a chance to be heard. It gives us a chance to say what it really want.

  • Uncover our true self

Often times we’re afraid of silence because it’s much easier to face the distraction that the world provide than dwelling and going deep with our own thinking. Without we realize, we’re afraid of the truth. But more often than ever, that moment of silence is the moment that lead us to reveal our true self. Silence let me uncover that thing that I rarely can see in all that noise.

  • Make us a braver person

Whenever I survive another moment of silence (like this solitude escape or when I’m going on digital detox) I feel like a much a braver person than I was. Maybe because I feel that I can enjoy what everybody else is scared of. Or partly because I reveal something that I’m looking for, for this whole time. But this silence moment, somehow give me energy and bravery to face the world with a clearer mind.

Sometimes it can be refreshing to escape from the crowd and blend with the silence. And I think everyone should really start to cope with and enjoy the silence once in awhile. And as cliche as it is, our life needs to be balance, right?