Client Diaries #2

Posted on March 6, 2017 Happitance

Meet Rebecca*. Rebecca is a busy mother of four, who loves to entertain and invited me into her home to create [Happi]tance in her kitchen. I was greeted with her energetic personality and warm smile, but I knew from our phone consultation that she was ANXIOUS (to experience worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome). How many of you are experiencing anxiety related to your stuff? Keep reading to find out how Rebecca and I transformed her anxiety into “So Happy” by creating a place of [Happi]tance in her kitchen.

From the moment, we started, Rebecca was great to work with and open to the [Happi]tance process. Much of her anxiety dissipated as she began to realize I was not going to force her to get rid of anything; instead item by item I asked her what she loved and to let go of the rest.

Rebecca said the following after the process: “She did not come in and organize. She did not insist I throw everything away. She gently asked questions. As I answered she could see bad habits and patterns that I have developed over the years. I didn’t even realize I had these habits until she pointed them out!”

One of those habits is that she is a starter, meaning she enjoys starting new things and opening new products. Rebecca also enjoys shopping and hates waste. I helped her to see how she could utilize all of these things to her benefit, by suggesting she “buy small”. For instance, I recommended instead of buying the economy sized peanut butter, to buy the half sized peanut butters. This would bring her more happiness by giving her the opportunity to shop more often, start something new more often, and eliminate the waste of having numerous opened peanut butter jars (see my post Buy One Buy Small for more information on this topic).

Another thing that Rebecca valued was clear counters and space. However, she was haunted by pans, containers, and dishes that had needed to be returned for years. We created space in her kitchen for her to be able to focus on extra things, for instance returning borrowed items. As part of the process, I left her with some action items that included returning these items. I followed up with Rebecca four days later and she had returned all of them!

After we sorted through everything and she had chosen the items that she loved, we started putting things away in a more functional way. One thing I did was to put the spices in the drawer with the pots and pans. This keeps them right next to the stove where they will be used while cooking.

I also grouped like items together to make them easier to find and access, here I made a baking supply cabinet.

Rebecca did so great, she let go of 12 large bags of stuff!

Her favorite part was the space we made for her seltzer water. We were able to take them out of the boxes and put them in a functional spot. She loved it so much that was where she wanted her final picture! As you can see she went from anxious about her space to SO Happy!

We created space for her to enjoy her kitchen and most importantly her family and friends. She said she truly enjoyed cooking for her family in her clean and organized space. It was now a happy place instead of an anxious space.

It was a joy working with Rebecca and to see the transformation. Thank you to Rebecca for letting me into her home and photographing.

Are you looking to take your home from an anxious place to happy place? Contact me and let’s begin your journey to [Happi]tance!

*name changed for privacy.

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