Keep What You Love

Get rid of it, get rid of it.

You may feel like the organizing world wants to put you in a box, “only 3 shirts allowed, one of each, only if you use it everyday!” What if you love more than 3 shirts, you like two of the same and you only use it once a year,but you really love it? Well then keep it! Why do I keep a weird little bunny vase that most people find creepy. Because it makes me happy! Every time I see that little bunny face, I smile.

One size does not fit all

To achieve lasting success in minimizing your possessions a one size fits all formula will not be successful. What do you think is going to happen if you get rid of all your “non-essentials” and are only left with things you feel ‘meh’ about. If you guessed, you’re going to go shopping, then you are correct! We desire to be surrounded by things we love, we search out that loving acceptance. So if we eliminate things based on a list of ,”10 things to get rid of right now,” then we set up ourselves up for failure.

Keep what you love

I want to introduce you to the idea of keeping things that make you happy. And using them to create an environment that brings you joy. To do this, you will hold each item as you sort and let yourself feel the emotions it brings. Let go of things that are dragging you down but keep those that you love. As you move through and sort your items don’t worry about the number you are keeping. Instead focus on whether they make you happy.

Find your stuff a happy home

After you sort and rid yourself of the negative items, find a home for the happy things. Put them in a place where they can be enjoyed and viewed. Get creative! I have turned pins from my grandmother into beautiful magnets. I now enjoy and cherish them everyday, instead of once in a while.


If you find yourself gravitating towards storing something in a box, stop and ask yourself why? Is it simply because it is the wrong season or does it not bring you happiness? If it is not seasonal, set it out somewhere. A good place is a dresser or nightstand,somewhere you will see it often. And then live with it for a few days. If you find yourself smiling when you come across it then keep it. If you find yourself annoyed with it setting out, consider that it may be done with living in your home. Love yourself enough to let things go that no longer hold a part of your heart.

Now get rid of it

After you are done sorting get rid of your donate stuff right away! Resist the urge to dig through the bag. If you didn’t love it at first site, you won’t on second site! Also remember, that if you let things go, you are giving them an opportunity to be use and loved by someone else. Your stuff deserves to live a happy useful life too!

In conclusion, when minimizing base your decisions on whether or not the item brings you happiness and adds value to your life. The point is to surround yourself with only the things you love. And to make an environment that brings you joy.