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How Can We Help Someone with Suicidal Thoughts?

We are experiencing greater burnout than normal and need ideas to help us through.

girl blowing on dandelion seeds
Photo by Ivan Dostál on Unsplash


Model Healthy Behavior

Accept Your Efforts as Worthy

Like a dandelion seed, your small act can seed blossoms in every yard.

QPR (Question, Persuade, or Refer)

It Is Not Your Fault, But a Variety of Factors

Recognize They Want to End the Pain

Be Kind

Hold Each Other Accountable

Seek Professional Help

Follow Your Gut Feeling

For Immediate Intervention

Ideas for When A Loved One Is on a Waitlist



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Eileen Davis

I love language and believe every word is a poem. I majored in English language from BYU. I am a mom to four rambunctious boys. I have bipolar disorder too.