At least I get to keep my door.

Last week my husband put in a new front door on our house. It’s much nicer than what we intended to buy. Someone had custom ordered it and never picked it up. Because of this and a few scratches in the paint it was marked down from $1000 to $350!

While we were installing it I had asked my husband, “When we move, can we take the door with us?”

My husband was not amused.

I’m reminding myself of this story because we lost the bid on a house today. It wouldn’t be so disappointing, except I have this bad habit of moving into a house in my head.

The auction hadn’t even started yet and I was trying to figure out how I was going to occupy the kids while I did a deep clean of the house. Which toys would we bring for the yard now, and which would wait until the house was fixed up enough for us to move in? What furniture could we keep and what would we need to get rid of? What colors would look best on the outside?

I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up — I’ve had plenty of disappointments in my past, but I can’t help it! I found myself driving by the house every chance I could find. Practicing the best route “home”. Watching for good deals on supplies to fix the place up. But it was all for nothing.

So, I guess we’re back to looking again. Oh well. At least I get to keep my door.

Happy Home TLC

Looking at the joys and challenges of home ownership.

Stacey Higdon

Written by

Stacey is a wife to a wonderful husband, mother to two beautiful children, blogger of family & faith, and lover of all things coffee.

Happy Home TLC

Looking at the joys and challenges of home ownership.

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