Bang, Fizz, Pop… Finley Overcomes His Fear Of Fireworks

Fireworks, you either love em or hate em. The loud booms of rockets or the crackling of your sparklers, there is always something about fireworks that can be enjoyed by most. But not for Finley. The working Cocker Spaniel dreads the time of year that fireworks are let off.

Dogs have sensitive hearing. To put it into perspective, dogs can hear around four times the distance of a human with healthy ears. They can also hear sounds that humans cannot hear due to the higher frequency range inside a dog’s ear drum.

The frequency can range from approximately 67–45,000 Hz which is why some dogs bark at the vacuum cleaner as it can make a high pitched whirring sound. To compare, the human ear can roughly hear frequencies ranging from 67–23,000 Hz.

Now imagine what that’s like when a rocket is launched into the air. The initial fizz of propulsion to the explosion must be horrendous for a dog. As Finley’s owners told us about Finley’s reaction to fireworks; “Finley hyperventilated and shook. He was terrified.”

Finley’s owners go on to explain how the Spaniel hates any kind of loud noises such as thunder and lightning. He demonstrates the same behaviour such as cowering and hyperventilation every time there is a storm.

After finding themselves very frustrated that their Finley wasn’t settled and comfortable in their home, Mark and Katie having seeing an advert at their local vet decided to give the Adaptil plug-in a try. Finley usually sleeps in his dog bed downstairs so they decided to keep the Adaptil plug in with him during the night to keep him calmer during firework times.

To their surprise, Finley started showing less behavioural issues when he heard the loud bangs of firework night. He became a lot calmer in the house. Katie comments; “If you have experienced any kind of anxious behaviour in your dog then I would definitely recommend Adaptil. It’s helped us and our Finley a lot.”

If your dog is experiencing similar behaviour to Finley and is scared of loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms, then please get in touch with Sophie Molyneux to be considered for a free Adaptil trial.

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