Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2017 — winners announced!

Apr 18, 2017 · 4 min read
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The 2017 Ceva Animal Welfare Awards have come and gone, and with a record breaking number of nominations, we’re convinced this was our best one yet.

These annual awards recognise the achievements of remarkable people from the farming, veterinary and charity industries, who go beyond the call of duty to make a real difference in the world of animal welfare.

Attended by some of the UK’s foremost animal welfare charities, key opinion leaders and influencers, the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards allows the industry to gather together and shine a light on those who better the lives of animals around the world.

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Martin Marshall, CEVA Director of Group Communications was beaming on the night when he said, “I’m so proud to be a part of initiating the event with the WVA. As Brits we have a special bond with animals. The UK is a leader in many trends but certainly animal welfare. It’s instinctive. But people around the world really care about animals. The more we can educate people who have welfare in mind the better things are going to be.”

Rebecca Hubbard, Editor of VN Times went on to say: “In the veterinary world, animal welfare is the thing. It’s what makes us want to care for animals. Championing people who are putting animals first.”

Here are two inspiring winners stories that all dog lovers will appreciate.

Chris Laurence Vet of the Year Award in association with Veterinary Times

Jenny Stavisky from the University of Nottingham

Jenny is a senior lecturer in shelter medicine at the University of Nottingham. In addition to her teaching and research, Jenny founded the charity Vets in the Community (ViC) to provide free veterinary care to the pets of the homeless and vulnerably housed people in Nottingham. The charity is based in the Big Issue office in Nottingham City Centre and has helped improve the lives of hundreds of pets owned by those of no fixed abode, who are often vulnerable. Jenny understands that for the homeless, their dogs are often their only companions, and offer a vital support system. The charity provides health checks, flea and worm treatment, free food, vaccinations, blankets and coats for dogs that live on the street. Her team also carry out extensive research into the relationship between the homeless and their dogs to better understand the services that they need.

Charity Team of the Year in association with Your Cat Magazine and Your Dog Magazine

Dogstar Foundation, Sri Lanka

Dogstar Foundation is at the forefront of improving dog and cat health and welfare in Sri Lanka. Founded in 2006, the charity provides high­ standard veterinary care for free ­roaming dogs in the Negombo region of Sri Lanka. Dogstar focuses not just on neutering large numbers of dogs, but also on individual patient welfare. All dogs receive a standard of care equivalent to, if not exceeding, a UK veterinary clinic, something which is highly unusual in a dog population programme focused on large ­scale neutering. The Dogstar team understands its role in safeguarding humans from zoonotic diseases such as rabies, alongside educating local people in concepts of responsible pet ownership, as well as being completely committed to the welfare of the dogs and cats they vaccinate, spay and neuter. The Dogstar team is involved in training other NGOs in skills such as net­ catching of dogs, and have even developed their own humane net which is now being commercially produced and distributed, specifically for dog catching. The Dogstar team use mobile technology to ensure a strong evidence basis for their activity, and are committed to an evidence ­based approach to improving dog health and welfare ­ they have even audited the welfare of dogs as they experience the catch ­neuter ­return process and made changes to their protocols to optimise patient experience.

Other winners at the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2017 included:

Welfare Nurse of the Year Award in association with VN Times: Samantha Shand from Quarrington Veterinary Surgery in Sleaford

Farm Animal Welfare Award in association with R.A.B.I and N.A.D.I.S: Katrine Bazeley, a retired veterinary surgeon from Dorset, and Graham Duncanson, a retired veterinary surgeon from Norfolk (joint winners)

Charity Professional of the Year in association with PDSA: Lesley Winton, founder of the Winton Foundation for the Welfare of Bears and Fostering Compassion

Volunteer of the Year Welfare Award in association with Blue Cross: Dean Bland from Well Equine in Yorkshire

International Cat Care Welfare Award in association with Agria Pet Insurance: Pei Sui from ActAsia

This year also saw an additional award for GSPCA (Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), in special recognition of the charity’s hard work in helping to raise animal welfare standards in Guernsey.

Cuneyt Seckin, managing director of Ceva Animal Health, commented: “The Ceva Animal Welfare Awards have gone from strength to strength, not only in terms of record levels of interest, but also in the quality of the people and organisations that are honoured, all of which work hard to raise animal welfare standards both in the UK and abroad.”

Dr Jan Vaartens, World Veterinary Association: “Health is a part of welfare and welfare is a part of health, you cannot separate them. It’s so important people who contribute for animal welfare are recognised.”

For further information on the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards visit www.cevawelfareawards.com.

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