Dog & I: Dolly & Louise

Our monthly series explores the modern relationship between owner and dog — the challenges people face and the incredible benefits of owning a dog in this hectic, fast-paced world.

This week’s duo is Louise and Dolly. Louise lives in Market Harborough with Dolly her 6 year old Poo-Shi.

We sat down with Louise to discuss how Dolly became part of their family, her stubborn streak and what makes their relationship so special.

How did you find Dolly? Tell me the story of how she came to you?

Dolly came to us through a breeder in Pontefract. We drove up to Yorkshire where we met the parents, a golden Shih Szu (mum) and a black miniature poodle (dad) and the litter. They explained that the smallest pup in the litter was always called Dolly. She was so cute, we knew she was the one.

What was she like as a puppy?

Dolly was a really easy puppy, very intelligent and willful, playful but with an obstinate streak.

How did you go about training and socialising her?

Dolly was easy to train and on the surface always did as asked. I’ve had dogs all my life so was very patient with her but also quite strict.

What is Dollys behaviour like at home?

All Dolly wants is to be with her family and will sit with us happily. If she gets bored she will pick a toy out of her toy box and bring it to us to play. This is usually at a crucial part of a film or a football match for my husband.

Have you had any behavioural issues with Dolly? What was your solution?

Dolly has a stubborn streak and will not give up. When we take her for a walk, if she wants to go a different way she sits down and turns her head in the direction she wants to walk.

What’s the best thing about Dolly? How does she make you smile?

Dolly loves to sleep in the same room as us but always in her own bed. As soon as she hears us talk in the morning she jumps on the bed kisses her mum as she walks past and then proceeds to groom her dad, before settling in beside him — the leader of the pack of course.

What is her favourite thing to do?

Guard her garden from all comers: cats, dogs, birds, postmen, neighbours etc. There’s a blackbird nesting in the wisteria at the moment and it’s driving her mad coming and going to feed her young.

What is her personality like?

Happy, inquisitive, loving and most of all, part of her family. She is a little softy though and trembles when she goes to the groomers and worst of all the vet. She hates someone else messing her around.

Does she have any mischievous habits?

Dolly is a biscuit hider. She buries them behind cushions on the settees in every room.

What makes your relationship with Dolly so special?

She just wants to be with you every minute of the day. When the suitcases are being packed for a trip she worries and doesn’t leave our sides until she is satisfied she’s coming with us.

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