Dog & I: Molly & Sue

Our monthly series explores the modern relationship between owner and dog — the challenges people face and the incredible benefits of owning a dog in this stressful, fast-paced world.

This month’s duo is Sue & Molly. Sue lives in Pett with Molly her 8 year old Chocolate Labrador.

We sat down with Sue to discuss how Molly became part of their family, her secret skill with tennis balls and what makes their relationship so special.

How did you and Molly find each other?

I always wanted a chocolate Labrador but could not bear the thought of leaving her to go to work every day, so Molly was my retirement present. I put my name on a breeders waiting list and Molly was born on May 31st 2009.

What was she like as a puppy? How did you go about training and socialising her?

She was the lightest coloured puppy in the litter and we called her a milk chocolate lab! I took her to training classes each week where she behaved perfectly but refused to follow instructions when back at home.

What is her favourite thing to do?

Molly loves to get presents (she also loves to destroy them). She is very good at retrieving balls but never wants to give them back — she can manage up to 4 balls in one mouthful.

What’s the best thing about Molly? How does she make you smile?

The best thing about Molly is that she adores every member of the family and shares her love equally.

Does she have any mischievous habits?

She is a very strong dog and has caused a few problems when walking her through deep mud! Molly also has some issues with beachcombing and is very fond of collecting all sorts of flotsam and jetsam as well as as rotting fish remains. Luckily, having the voracious appetite of a lab does help us to control her — she will do anything for a gravy bone.

What makes your relationship with Dolly so special?

Her wonderful nature — she is a gentle, loving soul. She is especially caring towards our daughter’s puppy.

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