Happy Hound Newsround: July

Every month we bring you the best, and most ridiculous, dog stories from the depths of the internet. This week the Happy Hound team discovered there’s a woman in Tamil Nadu who looks after 300 dogs, a pooch who flies and Donald Trump joins the canine world.

Without her, 300 dogs wouldn’t stand a chance

Meet Geetha Rani, nicknamed the “Dog Lady” of Coimbatore. This remarkable woman looks after 300 abandoned dogs at her own expense. The 68 year old runs the Snehalaya Animal Shelter on Selvapuram Road in Tamil Nadu. The shelter is always ready to take in abandoned dogs to nurse back to health. Once the dogs are fully recovered, Rami searches for potential owners willing to adopt. Keep doing what you’re doing Geetha, you’re a saviour.

Image via The Hindu

Take your dog to work day… every day

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your furry companion into the office everyday? Well, at some companies you can. Businesses like Google, Amazon and Ben & Jerry’s all have dog friendly offices. But while taking your dog to work has shown to reduce stress, it is important to make sure the office is fully set up to accommodate your pet. It’ll be very difficult if the dog feels threatened or isn’t getting enough exercise. That being said, the companies mentioned above have noticed an increase in workflow thanks to their dog-friendly offices. We certainly find it helps here at the Adaptil headquarters! Click here for the top 10.

Dog rescued from river

In a wonderful video trending on YouTube, a group of humans are seen rescuing a pup from what looks like a fast flowing river or reservoir. These brave men made a human chain to scale the wall of the river, with the bottom man grabbing the dog by the collar to pull it from the water. Faith in humanity restored.

Tex flies private… all the time

How many times have you flown to a different country on a private jet? Probably a lot less than this furry guy. This is Tex, a dog owned by the CEO of PrivateFly. PrivateFly is a company that specialises in private aircraft travel. Tex’s travels are documented on the PrivateFly Facebook page and it seems that Tex is definitely fond of the finer things in life. Oh how the other half live.

Image via PrivateFly Facebook Page

Dog does 22 press-ups for charity

With the new #22pushups campaign floating around the internet, this dog can be seen in a YouTube video taking part in the challenge alongside his policeman owner. The campaign is designed to raise awareness about war veterans suffering from PTSD. Currently, 22 former soldiers commit suicide everyday because of the traumas of combat. This pooch is showing his support. You can donate yourself on the #22pushups official website.

Dogs can have an opinion too

Thanks to new company Fuzzu, dogs can now get involved in the US Presidential election campaigns. The dog toy manufacturer has created a line of political dog chew toys. Currently on the market are Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Who do you think your dog would prefer?