Overcoming fear of the outdoors: Tereza & Zico’s Story

For most dog owners “walkies?” is easily their pet’s all-time favourite word. It sets off all sorts of excitable tail-wagging behaviour.

However, for some dogs — particularly puppies or those not properly socialised when young, the great outdoors can be a scary place. This is, of course, problematic as dogs need to spend time outside to stay healthy, happy and develop good behaviours.

Tereza knows first-hand how difficult it can be to look after a dog who is terrified of the outdoors. She shares her story with Happy Hound and reveals how, with the help of a special collar, her dog walks are now a very different experience.

Tereza first met Zico when he was just a month and a half old and it was love at first sight. Recalling the bond she felt when she saw him for the first she said “I feel silly saying this but I felt like he was my own child.

Tereza adores Zico but found taking him for walks was often frustrating. A year and a half on, he was still extremely scared by any kind of obstacle he’d come into contact with outside of the flat.

Zico would pull on the leash, run away at loud noises and generally cause Tereza to feel that she had no control over him: “It worried me because all of our outings were very frustrating. I felt powerless.

One of Tereza’s friends whose dog had demonstrated similar behaviours to Zico recommended she tried an Adaptil collar. Tereza recalled: “She told me that it changed her day to day life, and that it changed her dog’s behaviour. He had more confidence and self-assurance.”

Easy to use and adjustable, the Adaptil collar is activated by the dog’s body temperature, constantly releasing the dog appeasing pheromone even when outside.

Tereza gave the collar a try and gradually noticed his confidence grow: “When the garbage truck passed, he used to run away. But now, little by little, I noticed that he’ll go out to the balcony on his own. He doesn’t pull on the leash anymore. There are now happy walks for him and for me.

If your dog is experiencing similar behaviours and is scared of the outdoors please get in touch with Sophie Molyneux to be considered for a free Adaptil trial.

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