Take The Perfect Selfies With Your Dog

In previous articles we’ve looked at how you as an owner can run a successful social networking site for your dog. This time round we’re looking at a handy tool that you can use to capture the perfect selfie with your furry friend.

The Tennis Ball Phone Adaptor

Introducing the PoochSelfie, a tennis ball adaptor that attaches to the top of your mobile phone. It retails for around £11 and is available from the PoochSelfie official website.

Image via PoochSelfie website

The idea came from entrepreneur Jason Hernandez. He has created this device to fall in line with the current social networking selfie trends. It’s been invented as a way to create some more rewarding pet photography, and looking at their blog, it’s working.

The ball on the top of the phone is meant to invoke your dog’s natural instincts and draw their attention to tennis balls. It’s supposed to hold your dog’s gaze so you can snap that perfect shot, as explained on the PoochSelfie website.

What’s more a portion of each PoochSelfie sale goes to various different animal shelters and rescue centres.

Check out the video above to learn more about the PoochSelfie and the benefits it could bring to you and your pet photography.

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