We’re All Going On A Doggy Holiday

Ah summer! A season filled with ice cream, Gin & Tonic’s and of course the annual family holiday. The passports, tickets and spending money are all packed but there’s just one furry friend, giving you puppy eyes wondering if they’re going to get the invite this year! You consider your dog as part of the family right? So why not include them in your family holiday…and let’s face it, life’s better with pooch around!

From transport to accommodation, we’ve put together five ways to spend the holidays with your canine companion!

Travel wise

No matter how funny dogs may look with their heads out the car window, tongue hanging out and ears flapping in the wind, your pooch needs to be safely strapped in for road trips. Carriers, crates or harnesses are the perfect solution to ensure your dog doesn’t try to jump out the window to chase the cows along the motorway! Don’t forget your ADAPTIL Transport that gives extra comfort during the journey after just a few sprays. Toilet trips tick off two jobs in one… a quick exercise fix and the prevention of any accidents happening, so make a stop off every two hours to keep your dog in check. It also means you can have a quick toilet break as well, don’t pretend you don’t need it.

Did you know that many EU countries allow pets between borders for free? Simply grab your poochy passport and you’re good to go. Don’t forget, most public transport services now accept our furry friends so there’s really no excuse when it comes to deciding whether to bring your dog along or not!

Think outside the box

Ensuring the ultimate holiday with your pawesome best friend doesn’t have to mean going far, it’s all about bonding! Spending quality time together can include trips to dog friendly beaches, relaxing parks, long walks around beautiful fields and basically ANYWHERE you can throw a ball around! Let’s not forget dog meet ups…believe it or not these are like a mini break for your pooches. What happens at doggy meet up stays at doggy meet up!

Finding the perfect place

When it comes to animal friendly accommodation, self-catered rental properties are typically the easiest options for pets. Go old school with cottages and villas, so you’re the one in control of keeping your pooch’s diet in check. With food also comes comforting essentials; remember to bring their favourite fluffy blankets, squeezy toys and tasty treats as a reward for their backseat manners in the backseat of the journey!

Unlimited fun

Holidays include sipping cocktails whilst the sun sets right? Well, for those moments when the dogs aren’t invited, make sure your pup has an unlimited supply of puzzles, toys and entertainment. Why not plug in an ADAPTIL Home Diffuser upon arrival to give your dog comforting messages, even whilst you’re enjoying holiday drinks Keep them occupied to refrain them from feeling jealous of missing out and noticing they’re in a new environment alone (no-one wants to be left with a large bill covering furniture damage…yikes!).

Make memories!

The most important part is to enjoy this bonding adventure together and make memories to last a lifetime. What could be better than spending a summer with your best friend?! You know it wouldn’t be the same without them! Here’s to many more years of pooch smooches, walks on the beach and chewed up frisbees!

So there you have it, the ultimate dog holiday guide. Follow these tips and you and your pup will be able to post the most adorable holiday snaps to your (or theirs, they probably have more followers than you) Instagram account. Sent us your doggy holiday snaps on our Facebook page [Insert LINK].