An Incomplete List of #SexismInCycling

Danielle Kosecki
Mar 9, 2016 · 5 min read

The 2016 edition.

It’s hard to calculate the amount of sexism women encounter within the cycling industry, since so much of it happens at a personal level or via microaggressions that we’re taught to brush off or blame ourselves for. But we can keep track of the things that happen on a larger scale. So let’s do that.

For ONE year, help me keep track of sexist cycling words, visuals, and experiences. It’s the beginning of March and so much has already happened — lucky us!

Email to contribute a post.

PS: Already getting questions about “reverse sexism”. Read this until/if I find a better explainer. Also, we’re not affiliated with this account:

i’m sure these posts made the women of Boels Dolmans feel super inspired!

I’ll spare you the pain of going through the list above. They basically dumped all the female cyclists they’ve heard of into the top 50 and then gave up. By my count, they highlighted 15 women and EIGHTY FIVE men. Why? Well the contributors may have something to do with that. Nine men and one woman were consulted.

Mansplain so hard!
Full thread here:
it’s art, bro.
it never ends. it never fucking ends.
no sports bra, no base layer—yup, totally how I wear my winter bibs. apparently run by asshats who have no idea how institutionalized sexism works. Read a book, assholes.
seems like a real gem.
Points for trying?
TWF a grown man takes time out of his day to try to publicly shame and discredit a victim of sexual discrimination.
he has 36D/36D vision, OK?
these are posts by an Austin-based cycling coach (with a racially insensitive moniker) who promises to “put the fun between your legs.”
lezyne FAIL
ellen noble = hero
read more:
journalism at its finest.
nothin’ sexy bout saddle sores
subtly reinforcing stereotypes. le sigh
maybe if we had the privilege of making more money, not doing the bulk of childcare, housework, etc….
contact info for race organizers:
Posted by a USA Cycling-certified coach. Stay classy, bro!
Sexism in Cycling: Why it Matters
jersey models?
something seems to be missing…

If you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on with British Cycling, take a few minutes to get caught up. Sarah Connolly has put together a great rundown here.

one of MANY Instagram accounts dedicated to … LOVE. duh.
Yeah, Jess, just give it a rest.
When you don’t think the video can get worse…it does. Miss Cycling 2016 coming soon…
Now we don’t have to lift our leg and risk getting our LADY WAVE all over the top tube!

should probably just give them their own page
Sorry, ladies, no Madison World Championship for you.
Male winner of Omloop Nieuwsblad gets 19x more prize money than the female winner.

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WTF Bikes

WTF Bikes

Please excuse our appearance while we freshen up 😘