Finally Action

After months and even years, we are making progress

We have been living our life doing things for ourselves but it has been in service to someone else. We started out 45 years ago trying to meet the education goals of our parents.

Photo by Charlie Anderson

My folks agreed to pay for a trade school in photography if I also agreed to finish a college. So off to the Atlanta Art Institute I went and later to Ole Miss. I like to say I squeezed 4 years of college into 8 years. Never did anything with the photography training but I a lot with the computer science degree. So of course my parents were correct to push for this.

My wife’s parents pushed her to also get a degree. It was good but she would have been better served by a child phycologist degree to help raise the 4 kids we ended up with.

After college we spent years working on our careers then our family. After mostly raising two kids, we picked up a third, and a few years later, a fourth. Now it is time for us. We’ll still be with the grandkids some but we are slowing down on the drive to make sure everyone has everything they want. Or at least, that’s the idea.

Time for a change

The last few weeks have been a real challenge. But we are on the path to full-timing so we have a goal in front of us that is exciting.

I have a construction guy / painter in the house. We are doing some of the things we’ve put off. Lights over the kitchen counter. Fixing the shutter that broke after getting hit by a baseball. Painting rooms that have big areas of 5 year old test paint from before Jasper arrived. Replacing the 30 year old carpet and vinyl. Everything that gets delayed because now is not the right time.

Leslie and Jasper are out of the house for the next month and a half. So I’m making huge progress at digging out of the last 20 years of stuff. I’ve used her annual Tour of the Southern States to paint in the past. In other years I’ve used it as relaxing time. This year it’s figuring out what to save and what to give away. I’m saving WAY TOO MUCH of the stuff, but it was part of the compromise of moving into an RV. We get a decade of living the life of nomads yet she still gets to keep the dream of a small cottage in the future.

Wrecked House

But the house is trashed. I’ve been moving furniture out of the construction guy’s way, emptying drawers when I have nothing else to do, identifying what is going and what is staying. I’ve done 4 car loads to Goodwill so far. I have a few more days until the moving helpers show up at 8 AM to help me move the stuff we are saving into a local storage locker.

Speaking of storage lockers… I’m amazed by how difficult it was to find something large enough to store all of the stuff in. It was made worse by the fact that Leslie will need to sort some of her stuff. I had to call a lot of the places until I found one available. Even then I had to pay for an extra week because I was concerned it wouldn’t be available in a week. Now I understand why every available plot of land around here has a storage facility on it.

All of this is being done with the idea that we’ll rent a small trailer to haul the leftovers down to some much cheaper space outside of Austin, Texas. The current plan is to fly Alison, Jasper, and Brookson up to Portland in October or so. Then the 3 of us can share the driving time down to Austin. We’ll have the new truck pulling the RV and the CRV pulling the rented trailer. Hopefully we will boondock our way down to Austin at a leisurely pace. Although if I know this bunch, we’ll probably need to do a death march.

If any old time RVers are reading this, yes, we will have a few short local trips to shake out some of the glaring issues with the RV. We won’t pick it up and hit the road for a 2000 mile trek. We’ll live in it for a couple of months while taking weekend trips around Portland.

List of To-Dos

Last month I started a list of things to get done. I continue to add to it. I’m using Microsoft OneNote because it’s fairly easy to use, it is free on all of my OSs, and it syncs across all of my devices. It is also has nice folder and page options. It can make lists. You can add photos to it. And it’s very handy for taking a quick snap of a document to load into a papers folder. Very handy with the sales business cards and deposit receipts. After years of having it loaded on my notebooks, I’m finally using it. About time for Microsoft to drop support for it…

Here is the list of our things to move into the RV for now:

The items to put into the RV when it arrives

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