One more milestone

Is this real estate lady for real?

Big week so far. Last Thursday I went to the store and ordered a truck. Almost twice what I’ve ever spent on a car. We both test drove one similar to what we’ll get. Both of us said, “Well, it’s a truck”. I thought it was strange to hit a speed bump and not really care. Leslie remarked that it was a lot rougher than her CR-V going over the same speed bump.

My second Chrysler vehicle, sort of. The first was a Plymouth Laser sporty car. It was a long way from this beast. Drove it between Temple Texas and Dallas quite a few times. Drove it 30 or so miles to work everyday for a number of years. Drove it from Temple to Beaverton by myself. One day up here in Oregon, it just stopped. Wouldn’t do anything after that. Steve the car guy said it was “the computer”. I figured with enough hacking, I could get it working. But it wasn’t really something I wanted to do, so I moved on. Pretty sure the next one was a red Honda Accord.

The beast

Back to the truck. 4x4 was the option I didn’t really want. But it seems they have no resale value without it. So it’s 4x4. I let the sales guy talk me up to leather seats, then the first thing Leslie suggests is that we’ll need seat covers. Jeez, coulda just gone with cloth. Got a sunroof, fancy speakers, some kind of air suspension, a big Cummins engine, fancy Japanese transmission. Pretty slick. Now I only have to put a hitch into it and load it up. In about 6–8 weeks.

Not gonna get much in the way of gas mileage, but we’ll be able to pull that trailer all over the country.

I was on Amazon the other night looking at RV stuff. Going to take a while to get through my RV list. Anyway, I ordered off for a real estate lady. Back earlier in the week we had decided to see if we could sell the house. And Leslie has a lot of Pinterest ideas of ways to decorate. I figured we’d be best off getting someone in here to give us some guidance. Boy was that a different view. She wants us to move out and do the minimum amount of work. Ceiling fixed in the den, paint everything, new floor moulding, not sure about the doors, maybe refresh them like we’ll do to the cabinets, new vinyl, and new carpet. Front door, got to remember to get the broken shutter fixed, paint it and the front door.

If the market is still as hot as now, it’ll probably sell in the first week. We could be homeless by end of August. Or at least with a contract and some earnest money. Sounds good to me. Cause the truck probably gets here in July. With some luck we will order the trailer this week and it will come in around the end of August.

Trailer News

As far as the trailer goes, we changed our minds again. Maybe we’ll go with a slightly bigger trailer. The one we both decided on is the Bighorn 3585rl. Got a bit more storage. That’s about it. And we’ll have over 400 square feet. 404 to be exact. But all we have to do is step down the four steps to infinity square feet. Or at least the area around the trailer until the next neighbor.

Going to have to learn flexibility in this new adventure. I want it to start right now. I have to remind myself that it has started. Everyday is a step closer to full timing.

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Our story as we sell “the sticks” (no bricks) and transform to Fulltime Oilers and RV’ers.

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