The Day

Us at Ainsworth State Park on the way to the future!

We are having a lot of these recently. I’m pretty sure today is one we’ll remember for a while. Today was the day we put Portland in our rear view mirror for the first time on our road trip. We’ve been working toward this day for almost a whole year. And, today was it.

At one point I glanced over at Leslie and said “Hey, We Are On The Road!”

She responded that she had just had a similar thought.

I know the crew at Por Que No is surprised we didn’t show up today as normal for a Sunday afternoon. I’ll miss those margaritas especially since the jars in the freezer from last week are almost empty. And I’ll miss the crew even more.

The last week was satisfying. We made a list of things to do. That included all of the places we wanted to see. We completed most of the list. Easter Sunday was the day that felt right. A rising. We rose. We left. We drove for almost a full hour then stopped for the night. Then we celebrated by getting on our bikes and riding down the old Historic Columbia River Highway. At one point we were above a 1906 railway bridge, riding on a 1915 highway while cars whizzed by on a 1940s west bound bridge, and more car whizzed east on a 1960s bridge.

The right way

This really was the right way to do it. We’ve moved around Portland for a while living in our RV. We’ve gotten the early leaks and manufacturing defects fixed. All in all, it’s been fun. But our RV feels like home. We’ve lived in it for 6 months. I’ve gotten used to turning sideways when getting around the bed. I know how to shower without banging my elbows on the wall.

Even Leslie agreed it feels like home. So even if we move from place to place, our space in the RV is home and with us every day.


It’s probably easier for me than Leslie. I’ve traveled over the years and have learned to set my clock to the new town. Embrace where I am. Make my hotel room feel like home. Treat the people with whom I interact as permanent features of my new life. At one point I realized that every person can teach me something new if I let them.

I’m not going to list everyone, but I remember the first time I left the Waikoloa Hotel in Taipei. I told the breakfast lady that I was going home tomorrow morning early and I wouldn’t see her until my next trip. Carol Chang threw her arms around my neck and said she would miss me. Right then she taught me to treat everyone as a permanent friend. Learn as much about them as possible. Keep a little spot in your heart just for them. Your heart will grow to make room for all of them.

So here’s a big hug around Portland. And a bigger hug for all of the special permanent family and friends we leave behind. We’ll be back someday. Not soon, but it will happen.

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Our story as we sell “the sticks” (no bricks) and transform to Fulltime Oilers and RV’ers.

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