Farewell Shanghai

It is time to say goodbye.

Those who know me well, know this very well — When I came to Shanghai in 2008, I was supposed to be here for six months. That six months slowly and surely became ten years.

I invested 10 years of my life in China. I made some great friends, enjoyed working with my Chinese colleagues, lived life as a true local, got my masters here, provided for my family, experienced genuine friendship, discovered myself, found love and my life partner.

In one sense, I am married to China — both literally and figuratively — my wife is Chinese and I think, I have lived here long enough to understand at least half of what is going on in society. Indeed, even with my language skills, it would appear that I have a great life here and I had endless opportunities.

So, why am I leaving?

My wife and I had been discussing the idea of living outside China, even before we got married. We passively discussed this idea in 2016 and 2017 when we were dating, but never more than once a month. The year 2018, this year, was very different. Without making any conscious effort, our discussions around this topic became more frequent and longer, until we couldn’t ignore this idea any longer. While we are both not new age nomads, it was clear that there is so much more out there.

We needed to see more of the world, experience life a little more, see more cultures, and expand our perspectives. The past ten years has been something of a blur. We were both busy with our lives and we were living in a society where every day brought something new to the table. Finally, we needed to slow down for a few years and focus on a few things that are important for us, especially in case we were to start a family.

For us, it is time for a new challenge and new experiences, and you will know very soon where we are heading out to.

Love & Peace,