“Please! Just don’t take me in there!”

She could only scream as if to raise demons from hell!

Ah! Dentists! Such wonderful people who help care for your teeth. But for some reason they are also one of the most scariest among people… At least, scary to me.

Dentists aren’t scary at all… right?

I’ve had a history of visiting dentists which included a whole lot of pain and very poor results, which has made me so terrified of them. I remember one instance in particular from that terrifying period of my life which makes me burst out laughing even now.

A sweet, little child, petrified by dentists

I was in the 6th grade I think, one of my molars had turned bad and i had to undergo a root canal treatment — which of course is very painful and takes a long time. If something goes wrong the tooth might be removed.

The clinic my mother took me to was quite small, a small waiting room and a bit wider cabin which was also an operating and consultation area.

Nothing but wails and screams to scare even a banshee!

I was so scared that even when the dentist just waved his hand in front my open mouth, I would anticipate pain even though he did nothing. Which is hilarious now that I think back. To my shock the affect of the local anaesthetic that the dentist injected stopped working just a few minutes into the process!

I could do nothing but scream! Scream as if to raise demons from hell! As expected the adults did think I was being dramatic and tried to pacify me to no avail. A couple of nurses and my mother held me down and the dentist operated on my teeth among my intolerable screams and shrieks.

I can just imagine the reaction of the people in the waiting room, I’m pretty sure half of the kids waiting there peed their pants after hearing my screams — “what horrific experiments do they do in there?! Mama! I wanna go hoommee!” And “I promise I’ll brush my teeth every day, twice a day or even thrice a day! Just don’t take me in there!! Pleeeaasee!!”

The poor boy had no idea how terrifying this world is

As it went on, a couple came in with their son who was a lot younger than me. I was silent when they came in as the dentist was telling them something until a nurse directed them to a chair to talk. Once they sat, the dentist focused his attention back at me and started poking the cavity in my teeth with one of those needle things…

I let out the most terrific scream that probably no one had ever heard before. The couple and their son had these scared expressions on their faces, the boy clutched his father so tight looking at me with those horrified little eyes.

“Dad, can we go home now please?”

I don’t remember much after that but I’m pretty sure they picked another dentist. Of course the dentist, nurses and my mom were very upset at me. But honestly i still remember the pain.

Either way it was awkward, shameful and embarrassing at the time but now that I think of it… I can’t help but laugh.

Oh yes! Blame it all on me!

This incident always reminds me that whatever we go through may seem pretty hellish at the moment, but those things will always change or we can at least make peace with it. Maybe someday whatever we thought was bad can make us laugh and brighten up our mood.

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