How Chris Worp creates space by stepping into the unknown

Happyplaces Stories (video)

Putting myself in a different space, in a different place where there are a lot of unknowns and unfamiliarities, where I need to find my way, opens my senses and makes my life more intense.

Unfamiliar space

Greater good space

Opportunity space

I like an ‘uncoordinated unknown destination approach’ to live life fully. That is what works best for me. That is what gives me the most space.

The uncomfortable thing is that I don’t know yet what it will deliver for me, for the people here, and for the greater good. But that’s okay. That is the opening of the senses; it happens when you go in without a plan. That is the space I’m jumping into now.

Uncomfortable space



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Marcel Kampman

Founder of Happykamping & Happyplaces Project, author, sensemaker