How Etienne Fang creates space by gathering and sharing insights

Happyplaces stories (video)

Balancing work & life

I remember, having just had my baby that I stayed up late, writing some document, sending it off feeling happy that I finished my job. And no one responded. I thought: ‘What’s going on?’ It was then when I realised: ‘How important is my job? Do I even need to be working? Is this really what my family needs right now? Is it what I need?’

Moms in the picture

I shared that there was this thing that I always wanted to do and never did. They said: ‘Just do it.’ I asked them how. They said: ‘Do forty women by the time you turn forty.’ Then I thought: ‘Shit, I’m turning forty in two months.’

And I did it.

Having it all

Moving forward

I thought: ‘How do I take what I do, apply all of my professional skills and my personal passion into something that I’m personally curious to want to learn about?’

A manifestation of everything I’m interested in

Finding similarities in the differences around the world

All the women, indepentent

Ageless similarities

Learning and universal truths

What I’m loving about doing this, is the stories of the common people, the normal people, the real people. They’re just real people with interesting stories that you can take as advice. Or not. I don’t believe that we need to make everything about advice-giving. I, as a woman, as a mom, I’m sick of advice. In fact, I don’t think I have any advice to give people. I just want people to experience things for themselves.

Common, normal, real

It is more about having the perspective of being open. Rather than feeling that you are on a path, that you have to stay focussed and not getting distracted. Knowing what is best. But more knowing that you’re on a path and I’m keeping my ears, eyes and heart open. And who knows, by doing so, maybe you will change your course.

Breaking down barriers



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Marcel Kampman

Founder of Happykamping & Happyplaces Project, author, sensemaker