How Pauline Foessel creates spaces for the arts

Happyplaces Stories (video)

Navigating spaces

Opportunity spaces

Space to exist

Limiting space

We often don’t realise it, but the lack of space impacts the art, the emerging artists and emerging art.

Digital art space

Now is everything you have. Being aware of this helps me find some space for myself, some mental space to look at things.


So when I don’t have any space for myself, and I’m talking about the space in my head, I try to go to the sea. To build all the things I described, to stay healthy, and keep my space psychologically, I need to be grounded.



A library of perspectives from the Happyplaces Project, a playful research project to better understand all dimensions of space to eventually create happy places.

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Marcel Kampman

Founder of Happykamping & Happyplaces Project, author, sense maker