How Yaara Dolev gives space by not knowing and the wisdom of the body

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Quiet space and not knowing

I allow myself to not know, to have the quiet and knowing by not knowing, I would know. This allows me to give space to other people.

For a good session, I need the other people to be in the space, involved and allowing themselves to want. This way, we create this web of will, passion, fire, or quiet.

Being an empty space

As I see everything as an embodiment, I see myself sometimes as a tube or an empty space, or as a place of cancelling myself in the most beautiful way.

Space for the elements

Every moment I feel it is the first time, I get excited. The first time I feel my spine, or how I feel it. The first time that I felt that I could taste the floor with my feet. I think it is about the understanding of ‘the first time’. Every moment can be a first time. (…) I want to feel my body as if it is the first time I’m in it. It is curiosity. It is how I give space for myself to be in my body to explore.

Collapse into curiosity

All my systems collapsed. One system after the other. (..) I felt that cancer came as a gift. It can be scary, but it was an alarm to my soul to say: ‘Hey, start to listen more to your heart. Listen more to your body.’

Doing groceries and thinking about what to cook didn’t give me space to dialogue with my soul. And then there was cancer, and suddenly I felt like a rich woman.

I cancelled everything. I gave space to reinvent myself. I gave space to not knowing who I was anymore. I even gave space to the idea that I might not need to continue living.

I couldn’t find a real reason to live inside my space for some time. It gave space for new sparks to come to the surface.

Going back to the empty space

Every day I wake up, and I give myself at least 15 minutes to be an empty space, to not know. I even say to myself three times: ‘Nothing, nothing, nothing.’ And then suddenly comes something. Sometimes I allow this something to go, to pass. Sometimes I say: ‘Hey, something! Stay with me a little bit longer. I like you.’

Wisdom of the body

Imagining a world where people are not allowing themselves to be crazy or a little bit chaotic is really frightening for me.

When you have space not to know, real knowing can come in. Blocked trauma in the tissue of our body can be released, which makes the body suddenly shake. And we don’t need to know why that happens. It is where we give space for dialogue, for healing, to be surprised.


According to kabbala, when God had the idea once to create something, he had to make space. In kabbala, it is called zimzum, which means ‘to reduce something. To do that, God was reducing some of his everything a bit backwards.

I like to embody this image of making a void inside myself. When I embody this void, I’m ready to receive the other person in me. I feel that it makes me more excited to receive other opinions and stories and that I can be a vessel to listen, which excites me.

If we want to create something whole, even in conversation, we want to give space for conversation and cancel or reduce ourselves, and into that, something can come in.



A library of perspectives from the Happyplaces Project, a playful research project to better understand all dimensions of space to eventually create happy places.

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