Pablo Collada about democratic space

From Santiago (Chili), for ‘Het Grootse Kleinste Festival van Betekenis 2018’ (The Greatest Smallest Festival of Meaning 2018)

Rite of passage


People responded: ‘It’s crazy, people don’t care about elections.’ The response was to start a campaign to ask people to vote. That obviously made no sense. Those campaigns only said: voting is a duty, voting is a right because it is good. But people don’t go to vote because it is good or because it is important. People only vote when it is meaningful for them.

Change the dynamics

What if we change the flow of the elections? We will ask people what they want. They would have to decide as a community. They would have to deliberate, engage and create proposals. And the people that have to decide are the candidates. Not the people. We changed the dynamics.

Embrace complexity and diversity

You can’t have one way. You need a diversity of approaches, a variety of languages. Because there is a diversity of people out there.

Communities and long-term is tough

It is not enough to just sign a petition, it is not enough to put a sticker on your computer.



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Marcel Kampman

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