Andrew Paulicek
Sep 22 · 2 min read

TaaS provides real-time updates to various applications from the Tezos Blockchain by leveraging SignalR (WebSocket). We would like to thank Tezos Foundation for approving the grant and making the TaaS possible.

Sample client consuming SignalR (WebSocket) endpoint from TaaS

With this grant we will be able to publish a SignalR endpoint for anyone who would like to consume events from Tezos blockchain as they happen. Free endpoint will have a limitation of 20,000 updates per day and 20 concurrent connections. We will also provide a complete source code and a ready-to-use docker image, so you can run the project yourself without any limitations.

The project is still very much in progress, but you can already try it out either from source or by simply using a Docker image available here

Project documentation is available at and sample client is deployed at

SignalR source is available at Documentation and samples are available for example here

SignalR clients are available in most languages (Go, Java, Swift, Javascript, Typescript, Python, .NET, …).

We are still working on automated provisioning of resources needed to run the public endpoints. We will publish a website where users can login with their Github credentials and request their free endpoint.

If you are interested in trying out the free endpoint, please contact us and we will create one for you manually.


You can get in touch with Happy Tezos team on

Happy Tezos

Happy Tezos Delegation Service

Andrew Paulicek

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Happy Tezos

Happy Tezos Delegation Service

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