Messaging designed to get things done

If you were to ask us for one metric that our team lives and breathes, it would be average resolution time. That is, how long do we take to complete tasks that our users ask us for help with.

While most companies track this in terms of the time spent by their own operators, we like to take it a level above: we’re also really passionate about the time spent by our users communicating with us. To minimize this, we invest a ton of our time on interaction design.

This passion isn’t something that you can outsource to an agency, since it’s highly unlikely that they empathize with your users the same way you do. And our relentless drive has paid dividends on multiple occasions with several innovative features we’ve built into Haptik during our short history.

The first was Smart Actions, which were initially designed as a means to make the last stretch to accomplishing a task as simple as possible for a user: just tap on the message and you’re done.

And now we are very excited to introduce Actionable Messaging with Smart Forms. This July, we became the first app ever (that we know of) that actually managed to find a way to put forms right inside a chat interface. The tasks that we do typically require information from users, and we found a structured way to do so.

With the power of our user profiles behind, fairly often users don’t even need to type a single character. Yet, by putting this inside a chat, we retain the benefit of being able to use the feature in a dynamic, conversational way. No more back & forth for sharing basic information. Just tap, fill & viola! We’ll have everything we need, without our users having to wait.

Going forward, we’re going to be doubling down on interaction design even further. Now expect outsourcing your headache to get even simpler with Haptik 3.0.

This post first appeared on the Official Haptik Blog.

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