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HARA hits the main stage twice at Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018

HARA was invited to the main stage twice at the Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018 conference. The Tech in Asia conference series was designed to help build and serve the tech community, and has grown to become one of the largest in Asia.

This year, the event was held at the Jakarta Convention Center and was expected to attract a crowd of over 5000 entrepreneurs, corporates, VCs, developers, and media.

Early in the afternoon, our Head of Business Development, Larissa Sidarto, moderated a session on the current opportunities and challenges faced by the AgriTech industry.

Being well-versed in the comings and goings of that industry, Sidarto was a natural fit to guide the discussion between the three CEO’s of eFishery, 8Villages, and Crowde.

Larissa Sidharto (r.) moderated one of the sessions

Later, our CEO Regi Wahyu discussed blockchain innovation in Southeast Asia with Juzar Motiwalla, chairman of Zilliqa. During the panel, Wahyu and Zilliqa spoke about how their companies implement blockchain technology.

Wahyu explained that there is a real need for the data that HARA collects, because nobody knows exactly what the current state of the agriculture sector in Indonesia is today.

Not the Ministry of Agriculture, not the Ministry of Commerce, or anyone else. In fact, there are often disputes between different parties because there is no clarity, no transparency, and simply no data.

Regi Wahyu (r.) discussed blockchain innovation with Zilliqa’s Juzar Motiwalla

The blockchain sector does currently face some tough challenges. Wahyu’s first words to his team were very clear: we are at war.

He meant that HARA is at war with the large amount of scams that are floating around in the sector, that HARA is competing for the small amount of real talent that is available, and that HARA is fighting the idea that you cannot change the bottom of the pyramid using advanced technology.

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