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HARA Travelled to 8 Countries in The Month of May

May was an exciting and fast-paced month for HARA. HARA took part in several prestigious events where we had to opportunity to introduce the world on how our decentralized data exchange can positively impact both Indonesian and the global community.

Here are some fun activities that kept us busy last May:

#1 Blockchain and Marketing Conference (BMC), Seoul, South Korea

Imron Zuhri (CTO of HARA) shared how HARA’s blockchain-based data exchange can transform the ways for products to reach customers in rural areas

(May 7th, 2018) Sharing how blockchain technology can benefit marketing, our CTO Imron Zuhri showcased how HARA’s blockchain-based data exchange can transform how products reach customers in rural areas.

BMC is one of the hottest marketing conferences in South Korea organized by Yello Digital Marketing (YDM), Fusion (FSN), and DAYLI Financial Group (DFG).The conference was packed with thousands of representatives from the technology, start-up and blockchain sectors, all excited to learn on current blockchain innovative solutions for the industry.

#2 Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), Nairobi, Kenya

Regi (CEO of HARA) gave a speech about how HARA is helping food sector in Indonesia

(May 15th, 2018) With an audience of more than 300 senior representatives from various UN Agencies, investors, governments, NGOs, and private sector partners; HARA is honored to be the only Asian company invited to speak at the prestigious summit. Our CEO Regi Wahyu shared how our HARA pilot is showing positive results in improving the livelihood of Indonesian farmers; and how it could be replicated in Africa.

We learned that although Indonesia is almost 8,000 km away from Kenya, the food and agriculture problems are all similar and often caused by lack of reliable data!

#3 African Business Institute in Lilongwe, Malawi and Kampala, Uganda

(May 17th, 2018) Our CEO Regi was invited as a guest lecturer at the African Business Institute (ABI) in Lilongwe, Malawi and Kampala, Uganda, to share on how blockchain and data analytics can redefine Africa’s agricultural sector. The room was packed with postgraduate students, ABI’s President Jun Shiomitsu, and even the national press!

These students took Regi out to explore and get to know local Malawians in the wet markets, for him to gain on the ground understanding of how the agriculture supply chain works in the country.

#4 Blockchain Community Talks, Jakarta, Indonesia

Regi Wahyu and Imron Zuhri (CEO & CTO of HARA) are presenting how HARA creates our data-exchange on top of blockhain technology

(May 23rd, 2018) HARA co-hosted the Blockchain Community Talk in Jakarta, Indonesia with Blockchain Space, Coin Daily, and Six Network to develop the blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia. The event gathered over 100 blockchain pioneers and enthusiasts around Southeast Asia to discuss the recent developments in the blockchain technology.

The event was opened by Supervisory Board member of the Indonesian Blockchain Association, Yos Ginting himself, who shared his excitement on the unlimited opportunity that blockchain adoption can bring to an emerging economy such as Indonesia on his opening speech 🇮🇩💪.

#5 Discovering Nordic Blockchain, Copenhagen, Denmark

Left picture : Nikolai Sondergaard & Regi Wahyu; Right picture : Regi Wahyu, Sofie Blakstad, Gavin Erasmus & Camilo Andres Cupitre Aldana

(May 26th, 2018) Living in a global world means learning through cross-border discussions from local experts!

Our CEO Regi Wahyu had insightful conversations on potential collaborations between HARA and the Nordic blockchain ecosystem, and how blockchain can create social impact with Sofie Blakstad (Founder of Blockchain-based fintech company), and Nikolai Sondergaard (Chairman of Nordic Blockchain Association), amongst others.

#6 Blockshow Oscar, Berlin, Germany

(May 29th, 2018) An exciting follow up to our win at the Blockshow in Rome: HARA took the stage as the only Southeast Asian finalist for BlockShow Oscar in Berlin, Germany! 😊😊 HARA was honored as one of eight most promising blockchain-based startups in Europe.

BlockShow is a major international event powered by Cointelegraph (one of the biggest cryptocurrency news!), that showcases the industry’s most groundbreaking solutions. The event held end of May 2018 gathered more than 80 internationally acclaimed speakers and 3,000 attendees from global industries 🎉.

#7 World Bank Organization’s “8th Global Housing Finance Conference in Washington DC, United States

Regi (CEO of HARA) talks on how HARA tackles the land titling challenges in the developing countries at World Bank Conference

(May 31st, 2018) HARA was one of the few startups (and only Indonesian!) honored to present at the exclusive event organized by the World Bank Organization in front of World Bank directors, prominent senior policy makers, practitioners, NGOs and donors all keen to explore groundbreaking ideas on financing for affordable housing.

Our CEO, Regi shared how the world can utilize big data and blockchain technology to create efficient housing finance system. Regi presented HARA platform and how it eventually can capture, trace, and verify land data to make the land certification process easier, faster and transparent 🔍🏠💰👍

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