How HARA creates jobs for anyone with a mobile phone

Tech companies have created a lot of jobs in the last two years. Ride-sharing apps created jobs for those with motorcycles and large e-commerce sites enable people to start their own businesses on their online platform. Like other tech companies HARA also creates jobs, but you don’t need a car in order to gain income.

What sets HARA apart from the others though is that there is no steep investment to be able to start earning money. Previous tech companies required people to have a motor or a car, or buy a stock of products to resell.

HARA simply creates jobs for anyone with a phone. You don’t need to bring any capital to join up, you just need to put in the work.

Smartphones are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and their penetration is growing even in the more rural parts of the nation. HARA will provide another stimulus to their adoption.

You only need a phone to become a HARA Field Agent

In the current plan, HARA aims to attract people from rural communities to become Field Agents that will help the HARA platform prosper. Anyone in a village can become a HARA Field Agent, not just farmers themselves, and can eventually earn a salary of up to $700 dollars per month!

Field Agents are our bridge to the farmers in the field. They are critical for the early success of the HARA platform. In their initial role, Field Agents will serve as data collectors and map out the agricultural potential in their village. For example, they will check the familial relations and ID’s of local farmers, examine the yields of their crops, and track the market prices.

HARA Farm Managers can fulfil lot of different tasks

A Field Agent will be able to then transform to become a HARA Farm Manager. If a Field Agent is eligible to be promoted to a Farm Manager will depend on his local network, and the quantity and quality of work he has previously done.

The Farm Manager serves as an agent between the farmers and the services they would like to get access to. For example, the Farm Manager could act as an agent for a loan program for a bank, or for an insurance company to arrange insurance for the farmers’ crops.

The Farm Manager can also act as an agronomist, an expert on crops and soils, who translates the data insights from HARA to the farmers to improve their business practices.

Finally, the Farm Manager could play the role of a sales agent who helps farmers to buy farm inputs, sell their yields, and monitor the loan disbursements and payments.

HARA Field Agents share a close connection with their communities

The remuneration for the work of the Farm Manager will be dependent on the roles they assume and on the size of the community they serve. As a salary, the Farm Manager would assume a small margin of the sale. This salary is calculated as a function of the number of farmers, times the potential harvest, times the net margin per kilogram of the harvest.

For example, let’s imagine a villager who plays a role as a sales agent, who assists in the farming process from onboarding the farmers to the actual sale of the yield. This Farm Manager serves a community of 100 farmers, who produce an estimated 750 kilograms each, of which the Farm Manager will receive 150 IDR (about $0.01) per kilo.

The Farm Manager’s salary depends on the size of the community he serves

In this scenario, the Farm Manager would stand to earn 11.250.000 IDR, equal to about $740. Considering that the minimum salary in most rural areas in Indonesia is less than 4.000.000 IDR, this is an income that can be life changing and its effects will ripple down through the entire community.

HARA doesn’t only improve the lives of the millions of smallholder farmers by improving their yields and indirectly raising their income, we also aim to directly provide new job opportunities for people in rural communities who do not have a lot of options. By giving people the ability to earn an income using just their phone, HARA will have a lasting and real social impact.

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Legal Disclaimer. Contributions/Investment/trading in digital assets have a relatively high risk and may not match all types of investors. The value of digital asset is very highly volatile. This could mean potential huge profits, this also could mean potential huge losses. HARA Tokens are digital assets, so if you are interested in becoming a HARA contributor, you must convince yourself of all aspects of HARA: technology, business models, and other related factors. You should be aware of the risks of failure will still exist. HARA cannot guarantee or be held responsible for any gains or losses from the performance of HARA Token which will fully be determined by market forces