Liquid replaces Qryptos and Quoinex exchanges

On September 5th, Quoine launched their new exchange, Liquid. The new exchange will replace the existing Qryptos and Quoinex exchanges.

HARA recently collaborated with Qryptos in our first airdrop. If you are one of the participants of the airdrop, please be sure to know that Liquid replacing Qryptos will not change anything in this regard.

All Qryptos and Quoinex accounts will become Liquid accounts, and the HARA Token (HART) from the airdrop will be disbursed there after our Initial Token Sale ends.

If you have already passed the KYC on Qryptos, you will not need to do so again for Liquid. If you have not yet completed the KYC process before the switch, you will have to complete this on Liquid before you are eligible to receive your share of HART from the airdrop.

You can log into Liquid using the same credentials and two factor authentication as you used for your Qryptos account.

If you have any questions in regard to the launch of Liquid, please refer to Quoine’s communication channels.

If you have any questions in regard to HARA’s first airdrop, you can reach out to us in our Telegram group or e-mail

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