Road to Empowerment, Part 3: Data Qualifiers

Data qualifiers drive the demand for data in the HARA Ecosystem. As the name suggests, data qualifiers qualify the data that is uploaded to the exchange, thus serving as a crowdsourced indicator of data quality. Over time, their contributions will help to improve the overall robustness of the data available on the exchange, and will thus help to drive a healthy and ongoing demand.

In this third part of the Road to Empowerment series, we will take a look at how data qualifiers operate, and how they stimulate the input of quality data.

HARA Token holders can serve as data qualifier

In the HARA Ecosystem, a data qualifier can be anyone who holds HARA Token and interacts with the data provider community, or transacts with the data providers in the supply chain. Basically, anyone that is able to vouch for a data provider can serve as a data qualifier. For example, a neighbor or local merchant can attest to the quantity and quality of the produce grown by a farmer, and qualify the data that farmer has entered into the data exchange. Data qualifiers are incentivized with HARA Token to do their part consistently.

Data Qualifier Flow

The data qualification method

The method of data qualification can vary, but will ultimately be in a form of proof of work. This can be with image recognition, by providing photographic proof of the requested items, or through simple questions related to the data that was uploaded to the exchange. An example of data qualification can be a captcha style data validation.

The work data qualifiers perform will add to the rating of the data sets on the HARA Data Exchange, influencing buyers to acquire certain data sets. In return, the data qualifiers will receive HARA Token as a reward when the data buyer accesses the data on the platform.

In addition to rating data, data qualifiers will also be able to rate each other’s work. The rating that the data qualifiers receive from their peers will influence what tasks they can do to support their activities. A high rating will increase their credibility, and they will have access to higher tiers of mini tasks with an increased reward.

This mechanism not only draws the attention to the most relevant data for the data buyer, it also helps to increase the overall quality of the data as it is in the data provider’s best interest to attract a good rating. The form of control between the data qualifiers themselves assure that ratings are given in a serious and productive manner.

The data qualifiers help lift the HARA Data Exchange to a higher level of usefulness and guarantee the visibility of quality data. In this article of the Road to Empowerment series, the focus was on how data qualifiers guarantee the quality of the data.

In the next part, we will take a look at how data buyers make use of the HARA Data Exchange.

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