1st Harbour Magazine programmers meeting

Harbor Magazine organizes a programmers’ meeting in Novelda (Alicante — Spain) on 11 and 12 November 2017.

In the meeting we will have a tourist visit to the city, conferences of outstanding programmers and round tables. The language of the meeting will be Spanish. The conferences scheduled at the time of opening the registration are the following:

* MVC Pattern with FWH and MySQL, by Manuel Calero Solís.
* Harbor Data Objects, by Manu Expósito.
* Artificial Intelligence with Harbor, by Antonio Linares Cañas.
* Using Advantage Data Server with Harbour, by Reinaldo Crespo.
* Talk of Rafa ‘TheFull’ Carmona, pending completion.

In the event that an attendee wishes to make a conference, he / she can communicate it on the registration form.

The following document presents all the practical information of the meeting: Harbor Magazine Programmers’ Meeting — in Spanish.

Due to the capacity of the conference rooms there are only 40 seats for attendees to the meeting.

The registration form is now open.