Harbour news — May 2017

This month we have a lot of interesting news regarding Harbour language::

  • Aleksander Czajczyński has developed The Harbour Playground, it’s a sandboxed build of Harbour reachable via network to any modern web browser, useful for evaluating code snippets, samples, etc. It can also clean up your paste using embedded build of hbformat. Virtual filesystem allows you to test self contained examples using .dbf/RDD code too. It’s available at https://os.allcom.pl/harbour/ and simply impressive.
  • Viktor Szakats has done some updates around the website: The non-fork (3.2) website has been synced with the 3.4 version, so it now has the same modernised design: https://harbour.github.io/. Harbour Reference Guide received Harbour Playground integration with a joint effort with Aleksander Czajczyński. It means that now all code in Example sections is executable right there in the browser by clicking a “Run” button.
  • José Quintas has developed Harbour support for Programmers Notepad editor. You can find all the information at https://github.com/JoseQuintas/pnharbour ¡ I like it !
  • Manu Expósito has released the 1.0 version of Harbour Data Objects, his library for native universal access to SQL databases. With this version you can access SqLite and SQLCipher databases, and he is developing the layer to access MySql databases. You can find information about this library in this group https://es.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HDO_Harbour/info.
  • I have published the code for version 6.10 of Colossus, my persobal password manager developed with Harbour and FWH. You can download it at https://github.com/JoseluisSanchez/colossus

If you know any news about Harbour, it’s programming environment, articles, source code, or similar, please write me at mediumharbourmag@gmail.com and I will publish in next monthly bulletin of Harbour news.

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